BUG [1.9.818.44] Vivaldi crashes when Start page is set to home page or specific page

  • Hi everybody.

    I get a strange issue with version 1.9.818.44 on Windows 7:
    If I set the "Start page" option to "Home page" or "Specific page", Vivaldi crashes at startup.
    Note that Vivaldi starts correctly if "Start page" is set to "Previous session" or "Speed dial".
    When this occurs, I have to delete the AppsData\Vivaldi folder, otherwise Vivaldi will not start.

    debug.log contains the following message:
    [0505/085354.855:ERROR:process_info.cc(625)] range at 0xfffde000, size 0x230 fully unreadable
    [0505/085354.855:ERROR:process_info.cc(625)] range at 0xfffdd000, size 0xf84 fully unreadable
    [0505/085354.855:ERROR:process_info.cc(625)] range at 0xfffda000, size 0xf84 fully unreadable
    [0505/085354.855:ERROR:process_info.cc(625)] range at 0xfffd7000, size 0xf84 fully unreadable
    [0505/085354.855:ERROR:process_info.cc(625)] range at 0xfffaf000, size 0xf84 fully unreadable
    [0505/085354.855:ERROR:process_info.cc(625)] range at 0xfffac000, size 0xf84 fully unreadable
    [0505/085354.855:ERROR:process_info.cc(625)] range at 0xfffa6000, size 0xf84 fully unreadable

    Any idea ?

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    @crist0phe: Never seen that before. Have you done anything special or atypical with your home page setting or are you trying to start with some unique sort of specific page?

  • That's the problem:
    I installed 1.9 and had the problem, so I delete the entire configuration folder AppData\Vivaldi.
    => OK, Vivaldi starts
    I just set "Start page" to "Home page" and did nothing else... really, this is the only otpion I changed then I closed Vivaldi and restart it
    => Vivaldi crashes

    This is always reproductible. It seems to be some kind of configuration corruption.

    ... really strange ...

  • And I did not changed the page to load, which is the vivaldi webiste by default...

  • @crist0phe
    Just tested this with vivaldi 1.10.834.9 32bit || win 7 64bit and everything worked fine.
    I set
    Settings --> Startup --> section "Homepage" to a "Specific Page"
    Settings --> Startup --> section "Startup with" to "Homepage" and in a second test to "Specific Page"

    or did I do something different than you?

    Do you use any extensions that interfere with your startpage / homepage?
    What did you set as startpage / homepage? (didn't saw your post above mine before starting to type)

  • @zaibon said in BUG [1.9.818.44] Vivaldi crashes when Start page is set to home page or specific page:


    This is what I did... I may try with 1.10 (I used only stable releases)

  • @crist0phe You can run a stable and a snapshot version side by side.
    Just click in the install for the snapshot on "Advanced" and select in the dropdown menu "Installation Type" the option "Standalone".
    You can select a place where you want to install (best option would be not to choose the stable install folder this might mix stuff up) and that's it.

  • Same thing with 1.10:
    Speed Dial => OK
    I check the "Home page" button and restart
    => crash

  • @crist0phe Very strange - does vivaldi also crash when you enter the address vivaldi.com manually in the adressbar?

  • @zaibon : vivaldi.com loads correctly.

  • @crist0phe

    Hey there... I was having that happen too, and it turned out that it was because of my authenticating proxy server. It seems like it's a chicken before egg type situation.

    I only use that proxy on one machine, so I just resigned myself to having Vivaldi start on the Speed Dial page. When I click to go to a site, the proxy auth dialog comes up and the browser works without crashing. (presumably because it's fully loaded at that time)

  • @Grogan Vivaldi has been crashing when opening a link in a new window for a long time if authenticating proxy is in use. I've made an error report, but it is not fixed yet.

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    @amppa: There are literally thousands of bugs awaiting repair. The devs only repair between fifteen and fifty of them on most days. So they will get around to it.

  • @amppa

    Ahh, so it has to do with opening a window (new, or original session) and the proxy auth. Interesting... I haven't done that, as I always use tabs, so once the browser is open, it doesn't happen again.

    Thanks for the reply, I hadn't looked at any bug reports or anything.

  • I confirm. I use Vivaldi 1.9.818.49 (Stable channel) (32 bits). I fixed the necessary tabs, restarted the browser, everything is fine. The session is being restored. He left for 3 hours. The PC rebooted from the button (apparently children), as a result the browser opened up in my mind, but the tabbed session did not boot. The Last Session file contained incomprehensible information for me. Now I'll be more careful: I'll save the session separately.


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