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  • So the first thing I did was download Vivaldi, then sync bookmarks from my Win 10 machine. But I can't get it to actually install, it seems, it is in some sort of disc but I have no idea what. It works fine, but I'd like to load it permanently to the dock the way I have it pinned to the start menu. Anyone have an idea about how to do that? I know it might be more a Mac thing than a Vivaldi thing, but figure Mac users are reading this. :^). I'm expanding my horizons from Windows to Mac - though I wish Vivaldi was available for the iPad too or even my iPhone, I like it much better than Safari and I don't like using Chrome when I can avoid it. Thanks for any ideas! :^) gene

  • Vivaldi is downloaded as an apple disk image (.dmg). When you click it it mounts just like a hard disk or usb-stick would. Just open it, find the file named and copy it to your applications folder -- this is what you refer to as install. After that you can unmount the disk image and delete it -- it isn't needed anymore.

    Open Vivaldi by opening the application folder (can be accessed through the Go menu in Finder) and double clicking Vivaldi will open now and you will find its icon in the dock. Right click the dock icon, hover options and select "keep in dock". Now it will be in dock even if you close Vivaldi. That's all there is to it.

  • @luetage Thank you!

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