Stable Release vs Snapshots

  • What are snapshots and how are they different from stable releases?
    Also is one better than the other?

  • @rhstogus Stable means milestone versions which have new features the previous stable didn't have with most bugs squashed. A snapshot is an interim build before the net stable build with new features and it may be buggy. One isn’t better than the other.

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    @rhstogus: Snapshots are the latest and most advanced versions - one might say "beta" versions. Stable versions are the most-tested and purportedly the most dependable. Your choice is fast progress or reliable and predictable performance. I personally lean toward the fastest progress I can get. Your preferences may vary.

  • @rhstogus
    In addition to what g_bartsch and Ayespy said:

    Stable releases happen about once every four to eight weeks or so and snapshot releases about once or twice a week (at least most times)

    EDIT: Corrected the release time for the stable after ayespy's objection below ^^

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    @zaibon: yeah - except the Stable schedule is more like 6 weeks.

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