Visibility of the panel containing bookmark details

  • Wasn't it already once possible to toggle visibility of the panel containing bookmark's details? Now it just stays there below the bookmark tree even after closing and opening of the browser. Its height can be changed so that it leaves more vertical space for the bookmarks themselves, but that's a rather silly solution.

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    @aunkaf: It toggles now. I'm not sure what problem you're having. Perhaps an extension you use changes the behavior?

  • You make it sound so easy to accomplish, but let's assume that I still don't know how to do that. Care to share an advice?

  • @aunkaf Double-click with the double-arrow cursor used to resize it.
    0_1493933574986_Toggle Bookmark Edit Pane.png

  • @Pesala I guess that's how it have to be implemented, if there for some reason can not be a context menu item for modifying a bookmark. So, yes.. now I understand how it toggles, but personally I still don't like that there's a single line left after making the panel as hidden as possible.

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