Vivaldi startup improvement

  • I use Vivaldi on Win 8.1 64bit installed on ssd. The OS is maintained and clean from junk and optimized for good performance, despite that, i had install Vivaldi since the day i installed Windows, but i have noticed, that since then up to this day, it takes up to 4secs to startup, even if it closes and reopens.

    I have re-install it and update it, but launch time remains the same, which for me is long in comparison to Chrome and IE 11 that need 1sec only to launch. I use no extensions so far and i admit it's weird takin that long.

    Same thing was happening when i used it on Windows 7 64bit also. My goal is to reduce the time up to max of 2secs, please optimize it a bit further.

  • In an old machine v1.8 took 5-6 seconds, while v1.9 takes 4 seconds (Windows 8.1,

  • Hi Spyros78, some user report slower startup with many downloads in download panel.
    Cant really verify, my list is always < 3.

    Cheers, mib


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