Can I just say…

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    The activity and energy on these boards is exciting! People are posting mods, making constructive suggestions, rolling up their sleeves and showing real enthusiasm for the project, in whatever way they can. You see NOTHING like this (sorry to say it) over at the Opera site. Too early to say what this will mean in real terms for the future of Vivaldi, but it cannot be bad. If mood is propulsion, Vivaldi is headed for orbit.

  • I strongly agree! in fact I want to know if this company is public on the market and if so I want to buy stock!

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    It's privately held. Jon is the only investor.

    It was the investors in the publicly-held old Opera that forced the change away from its original innovative, customer-centric approach.

  • Good points! If I may say building this browser feels like a team effort. Obviously the devs are putting loads of work into V but many users are putting considerable work and time into it as well. We are not paid in the way the devs are but we getting a tool for free and the more it works the way we wish the more valuable it is to us. This is such a win-win situation.


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