Sorting of Downloads – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.834.9

  • Vivaldi Team

    Our second 1.10 snapshot comes with a handy feature that allows you to sort your downloads.

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  • Moderator


    Edit: Oops! Almost forgot to say First! Sorry... I wouldn't want to jinx the build! :-)

    Also, Happy Star Wars Day! to those who celebrate. May the Fourth be with you!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Thanks for the download sorting feature, but download speed is still missing.

  • Tab sorting would be the best feature of all!

  • I dont see the arrow for sorting ascending/descending as in the video?!

  • Bug: Fullscreen videos on YouTube have started showing the taskbar again here in W10 x64 on Vivaldi x86.

  • @folgore101: This. I barely ever leave completed downloads laying around so sorting isn't very useful to me. But download speed is something I'd like to see implemented, even as an option maybe.

  • Another Bug: Opening up a new tab to go to the SD page moves all the SD thumbnails into place, as if it's resizing every time I open a new tab.

  • Moderator

    FYI, there's potentially a big problem with this build for Mac users -- the permissions on the symbolic links in the bundle have all been set incorrectly.

    Have a look...
    $ find -type l -exec ls -l {} \;

    The symlinks are all mode 700 but should be mode 755. This also affected Vivaldi 1.9.818.44 and the previous v1.10 snapshot. If an admin on a Mac system installs Vivaldi into /Applications, this totally breaks Vivaldi for other users on the system. We didn't catch it in our testing presumably because we either installed Vivaldi into a local Applications directory (where we owned all of the files) or have admin privileges on the on the user account that we use day-to-day.

    For more info, see here:

    Reported bug as: VB-28028

  • @d0j0p: Confirmed. Rather annoying :/

    Win 10/ Vivaldi 64bit

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @folgore101: well since they completely reworked th history i assume they will completely rework the download menù, or at least the one in vivaldi://downloads

  • @d0j0p: Can't confirm here. Might be configuration related?

    Win 10/ Vivaldi 64bit

  • Thanks for the new build!

    Since lately builds have been a lot about improving already existing features it would be really nice if tab tiling received some love. Make it more flexible by allowing manually adjusting the size of each tile (by dragging the separator) and allow for a custom number of tiles instead of fixed layouts. An ideal implementation would be something along the lines of how the text editor vscode does it.

    Tab tiling was one of the biggest selling points back then when I first learned about Vivaldi. So I would love to see it improved.

  • Moderator

    Since you are in the download panel, could we have the speed of downloads ? It was asked a very long time ago (VB-17931). This bug was filed a year ago, and it wasn't the first time it was mentioned in the bugtracker...

  • how come bookmarks still don't sort alpahbetically in bookmark bar

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @D0J0P Confirmed.

    Win 7 32bit/ Vivaldi 32bit

  • Background as desktop wallpaper isn't working for me, Win 10 x64.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Also this page is to be completed, you see the speed of the transfers but the other commands do not work.
    In the Side Panel Download Tab you can also add a button to directly access vivaldi://downloads, now i've remedied making it a Web Panel.

  • Sorting of downloads? I think is much more requested the download speed in the panel ...

  • @Cjcr I've noticed a few times that things I never saw requested get implemented, while those requested a hundred times do not.

    No great harm in having this feature, but I did not know that I needed it, and still don't. I would open the Download folder and sort them there if I needed to sort them for some reason.

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