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  • When I type in the URL, the suggested addresses are often not what I want...

    For example, this is when I type "viva" to go the this forum to make this post....when did I save such bookmarks? Did I?

    And this is when I type "roomc" to go to a webpage I found by google and visited several times today (in last 10 hours) -- why vivaldi is keeping the google search page the google redirect URL and the real webpage is not shown?

    Is it just my mis-configuration, or something vivaldi need to improve?

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    @zhangdl: Make sure for one thing that you have "prefer bookmarks" turned off in your addressbar search settings. On the other hand, Vivaldi is working on this to make it better and more universally helpful.

    It's already better in the 1.10 snapshots than the 1.9 stable, I think.

  • @Ayespy, thanks for the quick reply.
    I think I know now why the$@!#$... they are the pre-added bookmarks, probably they are sponsor of vivaldi. For example, on of the bookmark links to Technologies AS&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=cj

    I do "prefer bookmarks", and I add some webpages to bookmark for quicker access.
    So, this bookmark issue only affect vivaldi sites... it's fine.

    The Google one is more annoying.

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    @zhangdl: perhaps, then, you can remove bookmarks you don't want to go to.

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