Your current survey: "Who are you?"

  • I usually don't take surveys; but when I do, I must be convinced that you are interested.

    opens a beer

    I will probably be a rather un-usual user, so I hope you will find my opinion inspiring.

    Also, I found a kind of bug in your survey form: It does not accept selecting "Other" as my default browser, not even when I entered a name (Pale Moon).

  • hello LigH and EveryOne
    "Other" needs click on green check at end of textbox, it seems.
    Un-usual is better; the survey offered comment section for this. Not a bad design of survey (as surveys go.) it lacks qualifying years of computer use by survey-taker. and ignores that microsoft could use Safari in the past. doesn't offer linux browser choices. great that it offers writing-in. sorry you missed that. We might request addendum (because we are special), but surely the information that is targeted is designed into the inquiry. The "Who Are You" part is optional though the id of a community participant will wish to tell more and all. Thanks for posting.

  • Q14 - Anything else you'd like to share?

    "Like many of your devoted users, i am just soooo immensely grateful for your combined efforts, talent, passion & inspiration. I felt so bereft once my O12.17 [was a Windows user back then] had not been updated for ~6mths+ & i learned why. O15+ disappointed me, but in its fora i heard of V. Wonderful."

    That was back in early Feb 2015. That was a very happy excited giggling day 🙂

    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3.

  • @i_ri - I made sure the green box was checked after typing a custom browser name, but sending the form was still denied. Tried it twice. Well ... it's over.

    To summarize my hopes: I'm only waiting for Vivaldi becoming a wholesome web suite (including email and IRC client) like Opera 12, so that I can finally exchange and abandon it. But as long as little nits in the browser have priority, completing that "all in one suite" goal will take a while.

  • hello LigH, good bump . I will accomodate. It is not over.

    A nit is a egg that grows into something that consumes you. You better get out now; You are consumed. whywait? for You have indicated: quoting LigH "waiting for Vivaldi becoming a ... web suite..., so that I can ...abandon it."

    I am no power user
    sips chocolate milk
    , so I need the browser to bring the muscle that I do not myself inject into it. Certainly prefer a speed boat in exchange for a luxuryLiner the browser needs none of the email-client nor irc. irc! You are kidding right? Users of irc have a favorite. Downloading sensitive data that is better left in control of those more capable of its security? As You can infer, there are arguments. all-in-one is confusing the growing importance of the central browser that requires image rendering, reader mode, pdf handling, translating, downloading, file manager, printing, screencapture, web browsing, security ... We like the features of Vivaldibrowser. Any features that cannot be pushed aside, that interfere with straightforward browsing, are a detriment to insight of design and use. Unwanted email-client and socialmedia links, cloud and photo links in my face, taking up space and causing increased mouse movement will not survive the scrutiny of these developers of Vivaldi; We hasten to abide the time it takes designgroup get it done in a manner never done before.

    Now the bump on Survey/ inquiry. We returning with another resounding Yes we are special. and we both rather un-usual user. Wish You feel neither under attack nor being held by hand. Saying to You buy a chromebook , then, might be assigned as attack (or if You were serious for all-in-one it would then be acceptable, appropriate.) This forum is the dedicated place to discuss Vivaldibrowser. In this forum Members have openly shared their responses and giggling to the Survey ( I prevaricated when answering the my age inquiry) and beyond Survey do share all they wish pertaining to Vivaldi and More. The comment section of the Survey is limited words. You expressed expectations and patience. You began with this topic post; continue to tell us more about Your Vivaldi here. This is the place for unlimited inspiration.

    Your inspiring opinion has not been submitted?
    At this moment the Survey is available. LigH, sigh, get your beverage going and get Your survey underway again. Thank You for the heads-up in Your original opening post about being aware to discern a way to get it done. Your input aided to prepare us for success. green check mark at end of textbox if selecting write-in Other; then a green check following end of each numbered object; then specific messages prompting completion to accept Submit. = heads-up, alert, You Can Do It. [Thomas?] discriminate.

    You can participate in the survey Now. Help Vivaldi Discover Your Opinion.
    We followed lamarca's link thus

    Obligedly, Respectfully


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