How can I disable this pop-up that appears when selecting a bit of text?

  • As stated in the title, when selecting a bit of text (using version 1.8.770.56) a small pop-up appears with some icons from two well known 'social media' companies and a third I do not recognize.
    Is there a way to prevent this from popping up? I do not use any of these 'services' and, as such, the pop-ups are annoying.
    If so, how (I poured through most, of not all options, but nothing stood out)?

    Thanks in advance!

  • never seen anything like that, it must be some of your extensions doing that.

  • Moderator

    Does it happen on all sites, or only on one?

    Disabling Javascript would probably fix it.

  • It turned out to be a 'feature' of the site I was on (sse
    Since Opera has a similar pop-up I mistakenly took its appearance in Vivaldi as a feature of Vivaldi (I remember trying it on multiple tabs, never realizing each tab had a page open from the same site.


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