The Evolution of Browsing – Jon von Tetzchner speaks with Rob Pegoraro at Collision 2017

  • Vivaldi Team

    Jon von Tetzchner discusses the evolution of browsers, the future and his concerns over the direction of the use of one of our greatest assets – the internet – with Rob Pegoraro at this year’s Collision Conference.

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  • Every time I hear Jon speak my faith in humanity jumps up a tick.

    Also looking forward to a mobile Vivaldi. I'm using Firefox for now, and while it's very nice, it's no Vivaldi.

  • As soon as Vivaldi launches on Android I will go away from iOS. I don't like Chrome or Safari, and I really think Apple should take the step and make iOS more open. It would make it evolve a lot faster.

  • Reading the transcript from JvT's talk in NO continues to cement my decision to go "all in" with Vivaldi. I was an old Opera user, but my main browser then was Firefox. Later became Chrome and now Vivaldi. I am not anal about open source as some, as this is typed on Windows 10, but free (cost, beer, purpose) is better than recurring paid and open always beats closed. Glad to hear this perspective in the current US toxic political environment.

  • GREAT JOB JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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