Reproducible crash on adding search with "non-standard" character in URL

  • Hi, I've experienced reproducible crashes on vivaldi when I try to add a search with a search URL that contains a certrain character. The character appears to be 0x00D0FD. Although I have no idea where that char came from as I copied the URL straight out of my working Opera 12 search, maybe it shouldn't lead to a crash. I've pasted the search URL below - I hope character encoding will be preserved.﷐3ASuche&search=%s&go=Seite As far as I'm using vivaldi and from what I read about your motives and team on the homepage, I'm going to bloody LOVE vivaldi! I'm really, really glad you decided to make another browser! Thanks so far, risfutile

  • A really strange URL, if this is the correct one. This domain is for selling. And on my system Vivaldi does not crash with it. W7x64.

  • I've altered the domain since it leaks private info.
    And unfortunately, the forum parser detects and modifies the URL to conform to allowed characters.
    I'll try again using code-highlighting:﷐3ASuche&search=%s&go=Seite
    ```And right there, after "Spezial" in the URL there is a non-interpreted char, displayed as a square on my machine. The character is
    Also I've copied the URL to and if I copy it back from there into vivaldi, it crahses vivaldi on the "add search" button click.


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