[resolved] Can't access YouTube

  • So, for the past two days I have been unable to access YouTube with it returning this: error

    Any ideas on what's wrong? All other websites work fine. I have not changed nor updated any browser extensions. I have Adblock, Ublock, Tampermonkey, SimpleExtManager, Lastpass, Outpost and SessionManager.

  • Mmmh strange - can't replicate this with vivaldi 1.10.829.3 32bit || win 7 64 bit

    Does it work when you turn off all your extensions?
    Does it work when you try to access youtube via another tld like youtube.de or youtube.gr etc?
    Btw you can bypass this warning by typing badideawhile you're at this warning site.

    EDIT: Oh I forgot to ask
    What version of windows do you use?
    What version of Vivaldi do you use ? (You can look this up at vivaldi://about)

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    @SBMous Cant confirm such problem on Windows 10x64 with Vivaldi 1.9 Stable and 1.10 Snapshot.

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    May be some internal certificate lists are out of date.

    May help to try this:
    Open vivaldi://components
    Hit each buttons Check for Update

    May be "security" software on your PC blocking SSL.

  • Hmm... I seem to have found the problem.
    It was a download manager I use called XDM. I assume it was the browser integration function acting up.
    Sorry for wasting your time, the information was very useful nonetheless (I apparently had a lot of out of date components and the badidea thing is a good workaround if I need to use the manager)

    Thanks a lot guys!


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