Standalone eMail Client?

  • Browsers are a juicy target for attacks, isn't it better to have the possibility of running the email client as a standalone application (just like Vivaldi can)?

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    @liyin: Even built-in the way it is now, that is essentially possible with certain setting adjustments.

  • @liyin I used to do this on Opera 12 and earlier versions of Opera. I turned off all of the browser stuff and only left the email functions and interface turned on. I would even go into the advanced settings and set another browser (or another copy of Opera) as the default. so that email links would not open in that copy - but in a different copy of Opera.

    Over a decade ago, there were hacked versions of Opera calle Hugin and Munin that a user made instructions on how to build. Each was either email or browser with the other removed. Those instructions became obsolete, but I'm betting something similar could be done with Vivaldi even now.

  • Hi, in my opinion it make no sense to develop a "new" standalone Mail client.
    Opera Mail is M2, more or less and there are a lot more.
    Was Pegasus Mail user for Years, now on Linux there are, ah "hundreds". 😉
    Included Mail client is much more important feature than Sync, for me it is.
    About security, do not work as Admin and don´t use a Browser as a password safe for important passwords.
    This save me for 20 Years of Windows usage.

    Cheers, mib

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    Adding the ability to witch off the browser or creating, testing and debugging a standalone mail client ist much more work.
    That is not done easily by adding 10 lines of programming code.


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