Temp folder for "open" files in save dialog

  • When i try to save file i can see choice: save or open. When i click "save" the file saves to downloads folder. It's good. But when i click "open" it saves to same place. It's bad. Need like in Presto - save to temp folder. Why? Simple. Example: -I save torrent file. Click open. It automatically opens in torrent-client. I don't need that file in download folder. -I want to see screenshot, which need to download. I click open and see in viewer. I don't need that screenshot in downloads.

  • Yes, i don't like that either,
    opened and saved files get mixed up, and its time consuming cleaning folder after couple of days.

    p.s. on the bright side, at least we have open option! We all know what browser still do not have it :) .

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