• I know this has been brought up time and time again. But is there any news about when to expect
    to have the synch function. Many users have more than one computer and having sync would be
    a huge blessing.

  • Moderator

    Bad guys would say: Cumz? WIR (=When it is ready).

    But me. I try to be a good witch.
    No. I seeee … 🔮 No. It's away … No 📅 visible.

    The team is working hard to get Sync on browser and servers functional.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks! I realize a lot of (if not all) users want this function. It's just having no news is very frustrating.
    I also figured that Vivaldi is working hard to make this happen.

    Any news as far as a timeline?
    Again, thanks.

  • Sorry about the black area. Don't know how that happened.

  • Moderator

    Timeline? No, i can't (and if i could, i would not be allowed to) tell you a timeline.

    I hope we can get Sync this year, perhaps Q4 2017, but this is my guess and wish.

    Yes, i understand the frustration; for a regular user it is no fun to wait for such needed feature so long. But the team makes a good job and work as much they can.


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