Maroon Project - Making Firefox more like Opera

  • I have started a project to make Firefox more like Opera. I'm keen to meet like-minded people who can help with the project. I've only just started. Here is some of the work I have done so far: Firefox is highly customisable and it is already possible to achieve Opera’s look and behaviour in many ways, but only via a large number of extensions, scripts, userstyles, custom buttons and changes in about:config. Not to mention changing the theme. I want to create a clean and simple solution.

  • Please continue.
    Currently i have a customized Firefox with a 45+ extension, modified mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts and userchrome.css to archive Opera's features set (unfortunately, not all of Opera's killing features).

  • One feature which is irritatingly missing in Firefox is the auto-sorting of bookmarks after additions. Opera 12 was so good at this.

  • Unfortunately the sluggish UI of firefox can't be fixed with an extension… Or the behavior when loading a page in the background makes the navigation(scrolling) over the current tab painfully slow...

  • i like the auto sorting. opera introduced a lot of little things that made browsing so comfortable and this is just one of them.

  • 2Maroon

    it's good to see your great work
    but it will be great to see it like a full theme for seamonkey - beleve me - it's much better then firefox only !!!
    and It will be amazing to see another Opera colorful icons packs with supplemental extension for it - to choose between icon packs and may be other options!

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