Missing spell check settings, missing languages

  • [Reposting from the Linux subforum since I did not receive any replies there and I don't know whether any of these issues are platform specific. Feel free to delete if this is not appropriate.]

    Spell checking seems to be broken in Vivaldi. I'm on Kubuntu 17.04, Vivaldi 1.9.818.22, interface language Nynorsk. What is weird is that this is a new installation and I remember this working fine before. I've seen older bug reports regarding spell checking both for Vivaldi and Chrome, so I would like to know what the expected behaviour is at present.

    • When I right click on a 'misspelled' word, I get no option to switch or add languages.
    • The language menu isn't accessible through the settings. Instead, I have to go to vivaldi://settings/search#språk . (Note that entering 'språk' in the search bar of the settings doesn't give the same result.)
    • In the language menu, it says spell checking isn't available for Nynorsk
    • The dropdown menu only has a limited number of languages. Bokmål and Dutch are missing.

    0_1493132491851_upload-281c2175-2c3c-4628-9be8-0f8594fa4ad8 0_1493132623657_upload-4720b3fd-d4df-4329-827a-c0ef25530e76 0_1493132714735_upload-472cee1e-e564-487a-9678-dee5fdb05365

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    The dictionaries are not provided by Vivaldi, nor Chrome. They are Hunspell OpenSource dictionaries.

    There seems to a single dictionary for Nynorsk and Bokmál.

  • @Pesala Then why isn't it showing up?

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    @oulenz I don't know which dialogue your screen shot is showing, but I had no problem adding a dictionary for Norwegian Bákmal.

    0_1493711787098_Add Language.png


  • @Pesala Like I wrote, I'm showing the 'Add language' dialog in the language menu, accessed by visiting "vivaldi://settings/search#language". I'm assuming so are you.

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