Middle-click 'Typed History' in Address Bar

  • Re: Middle-Clicking History Link Uses Current Tab

    It appears to work as expected now in History, opening a new tab. But a Typed History item from the address bar drop down menu opens in the same window when using middle-click.

    However, this only appears to happen when i open the drop down menu without typing anything. When i type 'viv' for example and then middle-click on vivaldi.net from either Typed, Bookmarks, or History - then it works as expected.

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    @mdnjou Confirmed, but is it a bug or a feature?

    Submit a bug report anyway and let the developers decide whether it was intended or not.

  • I guess i should.

    Also, the Back and Forward button right-click menus don't support middle-click. It's very confusing and inconsistent really, like a little surprise every time the middle-click ends up working as expected, or doesn't. 😁

    Edit: Reported as VB-28300


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