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  • In v1.9 mac, I'm experiencing random blank tabs even though there is a valid URL in the address bar. Sometimes with existing tabs, sometimes with new tabs. Refreshing does nothing. Quitting Vivaldi and restarting it brings back the page, as does just deleting it and opening a new tab with the same URL.

  • @Rascasse bug report filed.

  • Same issue here

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    I'm running into this too. It happens to me often when I'm reading a blog post on and then click "Community" in the navigation strip at the top of the page. Normally, this opens a new tab and takes me to the Vivaldi Forums. Now, I sometimes get a blank tab.

    @Vivaldi-Team I was wondering if this is related to another blank/dead tab issue that happens when I move a several tabs (e.g. 3 tabs rendering external web pages, or a tab stack) to a previous window in the window hierarchy by right-clicking on the selected tabs and moving them as a group via the menus. At least one of those tabs will be a blank/dead tab. In that scenario, if I right-click on a blank/dead tab, it does nothing. If I use File / Save Page As, Vivaldi will crash.

    In this case, it's different. Right-clicking on a random spot on the brings up a context menu. If I get lucky and the random spot contains a word, I might get Look Up "Vivaldi" at the top of the context menu. So, for me, this is a case where the page loads in the background but doesn't render correctly.

    Both of these Blank Tab bugs can be replicated with a fresh out-of-the-box totally clean default Vivaldi install with no extensions.

    Currently running Vivaldi 1.10.834.9 on OS X 10.11.6.

  • Same issue here. Recently I find myself constantly cleaning the cache and/or re-launching Vivaldi just to make something load. It's pretty irritating that I need to do this multiple times in an hour.

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    @49616e I don't think that this is a cache corruption issue. The web page contents of a blank tab actually seem to load fine but something has gotten mucked up where it doesn't render correctly.

    The next time you get a blank tab, try Printing it from Vivaldi.

    You can also try this:

    • Command-A / Command-C (Select all on the page / Copy to clipboard)
    • Open
    • Command-P (Paste what's in the clipboard)
      -> You should see all of the page contents of the blank tab.

    Also strange: Using my test case of viewing a Vivaldi blog post, then clicking on "Community" at the top of the page... Left-clicking on that link seems to trigger blank tab regularly. However, using either (Right-click/Open Link in New Tab) or (Right-click / Open Link) never seems to trigger blank tabs.

  • @xyzzy
    Can confirm cmd-A/cmd-C and pasting in Word works
    Also - cloning the blank tab with valid URL gives you another identical blank tab

  • @xyzzy Other strange behaviour - I always open Vivaldi with the last session, so most tabs are hibernated until I select them. The last blank tab I opened was part of a group of tabs in the task manager (which I suppose chrome manages), clicking on the other hibernated tabs in the same group produces more blank tabs.

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    @Rascasse That's good to know. I launch Vivaldi with just the Start Page. However, I've also replicated the problem with Vivaldi resuming my previous session.

    I also tried running the same tests with Chrome but did not run into any issues.

  • Same problem here, when links are opened in a new tab (target="_blank").

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    There's no mention of it in the changelog but this issue seems to be fixed (at least for my test cases) in the Vivaldi 1.10.838.7 snapshot.

  • @xyzzy You're right. I noticed when I hover the mouse cursor above the tab, the small preview is showing the page in a fully rendered state. I'll try the ⌘+Left Click to open the link in a new tab method, hopefully it doesn't produce more blank pages.

  • @xyzzy just updated to 1.9.818.49. Tried to open a youtube from twitter in a new tab, and got another blank tab (I'm also seeing that the thumbnail mouseover is fully rendered).

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    @Rascasse What's the tracking number for the bug that you filed? I won't mark this thread as Resolved until I either see it in the changelog or get confirmation that it's fixed here.

    Chromium 58.0.3029.110 also just got released yesterday so I'm sure that another Vivaldi 1.9 release is forthcoming, hopefully with a fix for this issue too.

    One other thing... when you get another blank tab, could you please test what happens if you close it with Command-W and then restore it with Shift-Command-T? Does the tab render?

    I don't have v1.9 installed at the moment but will do some more tests as soon as I can.

  • @xyzzy "Random blank tabs, with valid URL in address bar" Key: VB-28052; I'll keep you updated if/when I see another blank appear. Thanks!

  • @xyzzy I just closed a blank tab with cmd-W. and then re-opened it by selecting "reopen closed tab", and it rendered correctly.

  • I installed v1.9 too and still have the same issue. Page appears fully loaded on thumbnails but stays blank.

  • 2.0.1309.37
    This is still a thing.


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