Cant Sign in to Vivaldi

  • Hi, this looks like a really good alternative to Chrome, even though it looks like it could be a chrome based browser, in vivaldi://settings at the top it says Sign in to Vivaldi to sync all you settings, well I have ht that button loads o times and it just does nothing. Is that normal? I am running a windows 10 machine

  • Hi, sync in Vivaldi is in development and we have no timeline yet.
    The setting is not useable, leftover from Chrome.

    Cheers, mib

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    @johnmatt: It's not supposed to do anything. Vivaldi does not have sync yet, but they are working hard on it. It will NOT sync to Google servers or anything like that.

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    vivaldi://settings have no such Sign in. May be you fiddled with some internal flags or settings.

    Warning: Do not use Sign in to Google to sync settings.
    Data sync with Google Sync service will destroy your Vivaldi browser data!


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