Please, when will we see a portable version?

  • The continued development of Vivaldi is wonderful and the feedback is great if there was an android version I would be using Vivaldi exclusively. I need to have a browser that I can sync between desktop and phone and until that happens I am limited to the "big three". I am using Vivaldi as a second browser on macOS but for continuity across platforms Opera is my preferred choice. I would change in a second if I could instal and sync Vivaldi between devices and I imagine many others would do the same.

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    @Annerod: I think you mean mobile version. Portable version would be one you could carry around on a flash drive without losing your settings.

    Either way, it's on the to-do list. No ETA.

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    Sync will come first, i hope this year, but the browser for Mobile – i do not know.

  • @Annerod Back in the day, I recall that Opera (Opera Mini, usually) was THE mobile browser, built in by contract, for a number of mobile phone companies. It was a major source of their revenue. Still, it took them a long time to get an Android browser, and longer still to get an iOS one. A decent mobile browser is not a trivial accomplishment. I'm content letting that take as long as it takes. They already said they will do it.


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