BUG - lost "Last session"

  • Since the last update about in 3 cases out of 5:
    when I close and open vivaldi
    vivaldi do not remember "Last session" ... 😞
    about 20 - 30 windows
    Is it possible to re-open them?

    Does Vivaldi have a similar function like for example firefox: "To restore your previous session"?
    Will be nice for similar cases if he remembered last 2-3 sessions

    Vivaldi 1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision bbec133a3745a0d97b9bd4da75e07ddb18f71ff7
    OS Windows 10
    JavaScript V8
    I hope that you understand my English

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    @palocx: usually a lost session is in the trash can.

  • Check out the topic: Lots of issues with 1.9.818.44
    Same, only with 1.9 on 2 machines, it bugs down and session is lost and no, it is not in the trash. In the trash goes when you close the window with the tabs in, having second open, 1.9 simply bugs down and session is lost forever, sorry for you. Save it manually.

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    @Flex: unable to reproduce anything like this on any of my Win10 or Linux mint systems here. So there are some problems on some systems but adjusting Vivaldi to eliminate them might not be terribly straightforward.

    So far, I have only seen session losses with a crash - never a normal shutdown.

  • @Ayespy Yes, it always seems like crash, or shuting down pc while not all the apps closed correctly.

  • Got it - it is 1.9 bug with localized page addresses. Currently fixed in 1.10 builds - get one of these and the horrible crash/blank screen/tabs lost issues are gone.

  • I just had the same thing happen to me repeatedly, my session was always empty on reopening, but the trashcan had an entry like "window with X tabs". Through that i am able to restore them. It's still consistently doing that though. (I have a big download active btw, maybe that's related (taking so long that i continue it in parts)).

  • I've been experiencing the same thing for a few days now. I think this started happening in since the latest update. I can still use "reopen closed tab" to bring up my last session or the trash can but I shouldn't have to if I have my settings to "restore last session".

  • +1

    after latest update,

    • never restores last session
    • never restores pinned tabs
    • last session is in trashcan, but when you opened once (to see what happens) and close the window after that, session has gone for ever...

  • @heidi-hoh

    @heidi-hoh said in BUG - lost "Last session":

    after latest update

    What version do you use exactly? (you can look this up in the first line at vivaldi://about)
    I am asking because - as far as I know - this issue should be solved with 1.10.829.3


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