Much more Speed dial tiles per screen PLEASE!!!!

  • Forgive me but I an an old fart. I was In my mid 20th when the IBM PC was born.
    I used Netscape Navigator, had my Yahoo moment when after 15 min dialing up finally AOL connected and had my first Opera experience after Internet Explorer downloaded a malicious file onto my computer without asking permission or telling me about. I had my Mozilla Navigator monents until I tired Firefox but my alltime faforite was Opera until V12. It is still with me next to opera 30 or 40 something, as unused as Chrome - and IE is just there if in case of absolute incompatibility.
    Just to tell you I have been with lots of development over the browser years.
    My most used part next to typing in the website first letters and hit enter is speed dial. I loved when somebody did a hack in old Opera that more than 3 speed diles fit in a row. The original idea was just to hit one number key and the websit launches.

    When Vivaldi was very infantile I asked if a more speed dial tiles could be implemented or better let the user decice about the pattern. I was told by the developeer that they wanted to get to V1.0 stabile before adressing this.

    Sadly I am still waiting for this very convenient update.

    I would love to have my Speed dial like a desktop where I can group all the websites and put them on the secee where it makes most sense to me.

    I think this would be a great feature.

    Thank you developers for all your work, it is appreciated.

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    @costa Speed Dial certainly needs more work. For now you can add more speed dial folders using the + sign at the top of the Speed Dial page.

  • I settled for 3 rows of tiles and a one for folders.

    You could use Hooks mod to modify the geometry of the speed dial, but it can break with each new version of Vivaldi (fixed with an update).


  • As of 1.10 snapshot speed dial geometry hook doesn't work, but I managed to get 6 rows instead of 4 in speed dial by reducing the UI at 80% in settings/appereance

  • I would have agreed with this post until I learned about the Speed Dial Folders. It allows you to group your Speed Dials in a way that is logical for you - and uncluttered.

    As said above, just use the + to the right of "Speed Dial" when you open a new tab and name the folder, then move your bookmarks to that folder.

    For instance, I have a "Weather" folder, a "Maps" folder, etc. When you open a new tab, just click on the folder that has the speed dial types you want, and there you will have the ones you put there. So when I click on the "Weather" folder, it has all the speed dials related to weather. I LOVE IT.

    Before, when I had all my Speed Dials on one page, I would have to scroll down and look around for what I wanted, and I was always moving them around to arrange them in logical groups.

    Try it out, I think you might not want to go back.

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    I can get only 20 speed dials on my 1200 x 1600 portrait monitor. That's enough for me, but Opera 12.17 will comfortably fit 6 columns and four rows on 1280 x 1024 at 69% zoom, which is independent of the web page zoom.

    We will have to wait patiently for the team to get around to improving this. There are many feature requests, any of which might be considered of greater priority than this. After all, there are bookmarks, the Bookmark bar, and other ways to quickly access web sites. (Try using Nick Names).

  • If I can suggest an addon, in meantime we wait for Vivaldi speed-dial improvments. I found this addon and I'm fine with it. It's a simple addon, clear and lightweight. And most importantly, among all the speed-dial addons I've try, is the only one that don't ask any kind of permissions, as you can see during the installation. 👍
    If you plan to try some speed-dial addon take a look here


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