Vivaldi does not want to update

  • So I have be trying to update vivaldi, I have tried manual and automatic, but I still get the same result.
    Here's how it goes with the manual:

    • I get the normal start window:
    • I click on "Accept and Update", and here is what I get:
      And it happen every time, with the automatic and manual updater

  • make sure vivaldi is not running, check task manager (Ctrl-shift-esc)

  • Well I have been checking around with process hacker and here are the only two proccess wich seem to be alive when launching the manual update:

  • Just a guess. Some antivirus or other security program is getting in your way.

  • I desactivated both my anti-malware and my anti-virus, then launched the manual updater but I still get the same result.

  • Moderator

    @cognitio "de-activating" 3rd party security software usually does not stop it from blocking operations on your system. It is designed to keep working and keep its fingers in your operations, even when "disabled."

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