Plans for iOS version and bookmark sync between devices?

  • Hey,
    I'm new here and I would like to ask if you plan an Vivaldi iOS version with the possibility to synchronize the bookmarked favourites between iOS and macOS devices?

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    @Valdo: Apple forbids any browser products on their iOS devices that are not written on their particular version of WebKit. Unless until Vivaldi adopts that engine and writes a whole new version on top of it, it will not be available on iOS devices.

  • @Ayespy, thank you but I'm not sure if I fully understand your reply. Will Vivaldi adopt the Apple Webkit?
    Opera has the iOS version and the sync feature, but there are other reasons for me to not use Opera.

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    @Valdo: For most of Opera's early history, several years, it had no iOS version. It existed only on its own proprietary engine. It finally wrote one (and took years doing it with a developer team of a couple hundred coders) on WebKit - an Opera Mini version, and Apple accepted it. But since Opera changed to Blink, there has been no progress on Opera on iOS so far as I know. For the time being, Vivaldi does not have the resources to create a WebKit branch of the browser - especially before the Blink/Chromium version is even finished - and it's far from finished. There are no plans in the near term to do anything with Vivaldi for iOS. The first mobile version of Vivaldi will be on Android - an open platform which is already friendly to Chromium.

  • @Ayespy, years an hundred of coders for iOS browser ???
    Anyway, thank you for clarification.

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    @valdo Literally, yes. Of course Opera at the time had a lot to do merely to maintain and evolve the Opera browser on its own unique platform, battle for web standards and patch, re-patch and re-re-patch the browser to try to stay compatible with a non-conforming web which for the most part never tested on Presto, but in addition it had to peel off some developers to totally rewrite the browser from the ground up, on the iOS-approved version of WebKit - because that was the only way Apple would accept the browser into their platform. I don't know how many months or years it took the webkit unit to build the browser from scratch, or how many developers there were in it - I only know that Opera had been evolving for over 15 years at the time, and that it had a couple hundred developers.


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