High disk read after launching

  • After i launch Vivaldi, the disk usage goes up to 100%, and the maximum read/write speed is 12MB/s and 3MB/s. It shows up in the Task Manager, but i don't see it minimalized
    No Vivaldi process: http://screenshot.sh/mGZUFcA1mX6Oa
    Vivaldi launched: http://screenshot.sh/m1QRnp2s1Q8uO
    I have the latest version (1.9.818.44). I tried setting Top sites and Top sites journal to read only, didn't help. I'm using Windows 10 64bit.

  • Top Sites problems have been resolved on chromium engine some months ago already, it must be something else in your installation, also don't set Top Sites read only as it leads to other problems with bookmarks and speed dials like possible crash on updating bookmarks.
    How many tabs have you open?
    How many and which extensions?


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