.did it again!

  • hello Atle Mo [atlemo] and Vivaldi forum readers
    That Volcano did it again!
    We insist you tell, identify the other lavaball seen with tony on the Help† page.
    Who is that with tony?
    Okay .. we don't insist. Can you help us please ? where can we find the answer?
    Can no longer think of tony as one-of-a-kind. Now envision tony as unique or do all lavaballs think alike? Having comrades like this could sway Tiamarth' mascot battles if lavaballs can willingly outnumber the opponent.

    † link: help.vivaldi.com/

  • Maybe it's a mascot for the yet-to-be-seen mobile Vivaldi? 😉

  • Moderator

    You mean these two Whateverelses?

    May be the orange one next to Tony is Vivi?
    Who knows? 😉

  • hi kumiponi and Gwen-Dragon. thanks for writing.

    Those are they! + Some very creative conjecture [or rumour?] of Vivi and mobile + two winks + Gwen-Dragon' unwillingness to type lavaballs = having fun responses Still minus hearing from atlemo about the lavaball commune.

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    @i_ri Sorry, i do not really know the little orange one's name. My reply was just a guess and fun .

  • hello Atle Mo [ atlemo ] and Vivaldi forum readers

    nice work on the latest vivaldi icon atlemo. Thanks.

    is the color of a different red?
    Will Tony go into the shop
    coming out with the new red for Tony? maybe the color red is not a change. We imagine to picture Tony approaching a circle of his lavaball friends applauding his new color.

    Does Tony change to a matching color of the latest vivaldi red icon?

  • I'm calling it now, the orange one is female and her name is Zanetta.

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    @luetage said in .did it again!:

    is female and her name is Zanetta

    And i thought her name was Vivi(ane).

  • Hello everyone
    Here prefer the not sister slant. . A Toast; To Viv i !


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