HOWTO: Change favicon to sound icon while playing audio

  • First of all, open up bundle.js (this can be found in C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application[Current version number]\resources\vivaldi\resources , replace [Username] and [Current version number] with your Windows Username and the current vivaldi build number respectively, I'm unfamiliar with linux or mac versions so you'd have to search for bundle.js). Now find the phrase "this.state.faviconurl", there should be two finds. Replace the first with [code]this.state.mediastate==="playing"?"url(/resources/audio_tab_dark.png)":this.state.faviconurl[/code] Thats it! And save! Now the favicon will change to reflect audio playing. If you want you can also delete the reference to the audio icon further down by removing. [code]n.createElement("span", { className: n.addons.classSet({ "tab-audio": !0, on: "playing" === this.state.mediastate }) }),[/code] Hope this helps, heres an attachment to show the effect. [attachment=639]audiointab.png[/attachment] Simon Attachments: [img][/img]


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