I cannot write Japanese in Find in Page dialogue.

  • After the recent update, I cannot write Japanese in Find in Page dialogue of Vivaldi.
    During Japanese input, Vivaldi changes input mode to English,
    so I cannot keep to write Japanese.
    And, Back space does not work correctly.

    macOS is an international OS.
    Please use standard API correctly, and let me input Japanese as well as
    any other standard applications.

  • @hana2017 I don't think I'd be of much help, but just in case, could you explain how to reproduce your problem in more details?

    I'm able to use both Japanese and English in the search dialogue.

    1. Command+F or select "Find in Page" from the "Edit" menu.

    2. Type English -> Vivaldi starts to search the English word.

    3. Change IME to the Japanese (Hiragana) mode and type Japanese -> Vivaldi starts to search the Japanese word.

    I use Google Japanese IME on macOS 10.12.4 with all latest updates installed.


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