Speed Dial Revised

  • Hey guys,

    less a request but more something I'd like to hear opinions about: A Windows 10 start menu-like speed dial.
    Currently I have a lot of different folders to group my most important bookmarks: one for University, one for modding, one for news and so on. Lazy as I am this means a lot of click-work that I'd like to avoid.
    I know that there a web pages which allow you to set up sth. like this but I'd kinda love to see something like that in Vivaldi: grouping bookmarks on a single page (and maybe even store them in different sizes) to have as much as possible available on a single page.
    Worth pursuing or unnecessary?

    Speed Dial Example

  • Moderator

    Yes, nice. But … Not all people like this Windows Metro look-a-like.

    For me,: such different sizes of icons give me no enhancement of usage and using different SpeedDials and SpeedDial folders is enuff 😉

  • @Locutus said in Speed Dial Revised:

    A Windows 10 start menu-like speed dial.

    God, how about no 😃

  • Actually, I was more talking about the ability to create bookmark groups. I'm not a huge fan of the metro style either.

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    @Locutus: What's the difference between folders and groups? Or, on the other hand, multiple Speed Dials (which you also can do in Vivaldi.)

  • @Ayespy The folders are all expanded in his example, and he has access to all the speed dials at the same time, while they still remain in their according group. It's not a bad idea, but I hate the metro style too : P


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