Vivaldi double download with external download manager

  • When i download a video or document via external download manager (mine is internet download manager), Vivaldi also download it but didn't make the notification from download tab. I notice it when i watch the task manager that Vivaldi also download the same source with the external download manager.

    The problem is when some filehosting can't use one link for 2 times download. Vivaldi made my download always failed. But, when i use Opera, the download always work.

    By the way, thanks for making Vivaldi browser better and better, Vivaldi Team.

  • File hosting sites usually don't support/break download if it is taken by a download manager.
    So the best way is to use keyboard shortcut in IDM when the download is starting to prevent loading with it.
    However if it works with opera/chrome, you can only keep updated idm/idm extension/vivaldi and see if things go better.


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