Can't remove old Vivaldi versions

  • Tried Vivaldi for the 1st time more than a year ago, and since then I have the same bug - once update is installed, new entry appears in Programs and Features section in Windows control panel. So if I keep updating Vivaldi often, the list gets dozens of Vivaldi items.

    And I can't remove old entries. If I run uninstaller for ANY version (no matter the oldest or newest), ALL entries are removed from control panel and browser gets uninstalled completely.

    A few weeks ago I uninstalled oldest version again (of course, it removed new versions of Vivaldi as well), installed the latest one and waited for update. Once update was downloaded, the same story goes again - multiple versions, none of which can be removed (or it will cause all versions to be uninstalled).

    P.S. W7 SP1 x64

  • that's strange... you could try to use a software like revo to see if you can purge them.
    Of course, be sure to keep the latest version 😉

  • I never checked because I never had to uninstall Vivaldi so far, as I always update snapshot and stable over the same installation. Now I see in control panel programs I have 2 snapshots versions as uninstallable, because there are 2 registry keys associated:

    points to an old, now not existing version

    "UninstallString"="C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\1.9.804.3\Installer\setup.exe"

    points correctly to my current snapshot in use
    "UninstallString"="C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\1.10.829.3\Installer\setup.exe"

    I guess I can manually remove the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Vivaldi reg keys, but I'll keep them monitored on next updates.


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