We still need Tab's Tree!!

  • I'm relay appreciating what devs. did for tab management in Vivaldi.. Previews, Stacks, dragging, making tabs vertical etc... but really, this is still far from being enough.

    For heavy and serious browsing, with hundreds of tabs and different websites, till this day, there is really no solid solution except tree of tabs.

    I tried every single extensions or workarounds, but non is flexible and useful as tree of tabs... I believe everybody used Firefox extension dedicated for this, for Chrome there is no good solution (because of it restrictions with windows) (there is one for Chrome that opens in a separate window in a very clumsy way).

    Before Vivaldi, I even built my own extension, and an application, that were hosting chrome windows in my app window, and generating a tree of tabs, automatically grouping them, saving sessions, unloading them etc... and it was communicating with Chrome via that extension, it was very Hackish way to do it, and I could make my own browser, but implementing Chrome's original extension API needs a lot of work.. anyway it worked fine for me in that way.

    I moved to Vivaldi because it is very customizable, but still it can't handle my heavy load, my tabs are a mess, and I am forced to bookmark everything manually... but this getting tedious and I am getting bored of this.

    Please do something our dear Vivaldi team, if you want, I will be happy even to help you with that as a programmer, if you need.

  • @luetage Oh thx, by using web pannel, I will see how usable it is...
    However, native support for it would be much better.

  • Everything is better native, but I wouldn't hold my breath concerning tree tabs, there are far more pressing issues at the moment. The extension is good and still in early phase of development. You can suggest features and report issues to the author directly.


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