Importing Speed dials from another browser into Vivaldi

  • Hello everyone,

    Is there any way of doing this without doing them one by one? Can I import from another speed dial?

    Also, can we control how many rows we use? [I know it is a max of 6 columns]. many pages can one actually add to scroll through?

    For example, as i am a very visual person, I use them more than I do bookmarks, therefore i have a grand 650 in total. I know, it sound pretty ridiculous, but it works for me.

    Like so....! !0_1493448296268_Capture.JPG

    Above this I can scroll left or right through the pages to find what i want. [This is using FVD speed dial]

    I do have the html of all the dials but importing one by one too time consuming.

  • Moderator

    @lefty777: Vivaldi imports bookmarks, not speed dials. In Vivaldi, Speed Dial is not a separate entity. It's a bookmark folder. As such, it can have folders and folders within folders in it. It can also be ANY (or more than one) of your folders in Bookmarks that you want to use.

    There are not multiple pages of Speed Dial. There is one page - and it can be endless. But since you are limited to 6 columns, it makes no sense to limit rows, as there are not page(s). There is just one big long page with up to six columns.

    If you want to import "Speed Dials" from other browsers, you have to move them into bookmarks in the other browser before importing them.

  • @Ayespy

    Hi Ayespy, thanks for clearing me up on that. Much appreciated 🙂


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