This browser is awesome!

  • I got tired of Chrome's constantly taking the UI into a narrow path and starting to use Vivaldi with all its possible customization makes me feel very spoiled 😉 Thank you.

    I'm also realizing Vivaldi is in the unique position of catering to "power users" in a way I don't think any other browser does at the moment. My question is: how can I help Vivaldi remain viable?

    Is the Vivaldi company still aiming for 5 million users to get profitable? Is income generated from things like the Yahoo default search engine?

    May I offer a suggestion? Why don't you, in addition to current income sources, start a kind of "supporters' program"? Say I want to support Vivaldi with 50 dollars a year. In exchange you're offering a special Vivaldi T-shirt (I see that you're already selling T-shirts, that's great!); for 100 it would be autographed by members of the Vivaldi team (within reason and physical proximity).
    Maybe some crazy supporters agree to get their picture included as part of a collage of Vivaldi supporters see (and they're all wearing their logo T-shirt already :-P) and then have that on a T-shirt - if you want to get a more clean look you can have all the little pics taken in some annual meeting. T-shirts galore! But seriously it's easy to work with them and besides that it's already a product of yours.
    Maybe for the lowest ammount you can give someone a simple badge, kind of like a "share this" button they can stick in their facebook/twitter etc.
    Mostly bragging rights but essentially fun stuff 😉

    Vivaldi is very fun to use. I doubt I can convince most of my friends and family to switch to it because I don't think they'll really see the point. But I can contribute something and I'll be extra motivaded to contribute if I get something in return, even if it's small and symbolic.


    P.S. By the way, great community! Some of the best tweaks are right here in this forum 😎

  • @carlossilva33 said in This browser is awesome!:

    Vivaldi is very fun to use

    Ain't that the truth !! 🙂

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    @carlossilva33 Thank you for your kind words. Right now the best way to support Vivaldi is to spread the word about it. Check out this article for more:

  • @carlossilva33: Browser is fabulous, community support is fabulous. The future looks bright.

  • Really the browser is very good! Each launch only improves and has new native features! The community is very good and has great people and with the intention of always helping! That's really good!
    Sometimes users appear complaining and using inappropriate words, but this is normal, there are always people like that ...
    Browser and Vivaldi community are great! ☺
    Welcome! ☺


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