Infinitynewtab extension doesn't work

  • Hi there,
    Does anyone know how to make the Infinitytab Chrome extension work in the browser?
    I actually installed it but nothing actually happened at all. It only showed the tab at the top and kept indicating it was adding webpages, however, nothing showed up anywhere. Is it possible that the speed dial needs to be disabled or something first before it will work?
    Thank you

    //MODEDIT: corrected name of extension

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    @lefty777: It's probable that it's set up to add tabs to the Chrome interface, but the Vivaldi interface is unrelated to Chrome.

  • @Ayespy

    Hi, I guessed that, but Vivaldi did say all the Chrome extensions work with Vivaldi, or that;s what i thought 😞
    Thank you

  • @lefty777 Where did you read all chrome extensions work on Vivaldi?

  • @luetage
    Hehe, I knew i shouldn't have said that, I did read it somewhere but not sure now where.
    Perhaps it was 'most' not all.

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    @lefty777 That's not true, there is a lot of Chrome extensions that don't work with Vivaldi, though some of them might be used after a little "tweaking" either in the extension itself or in Vivaldi settings.

    You haven't posted any link to the extension in question and search in the Chrome Web Store for "Infinitytab" returns 0 results, so don't expect to receive help anytime soon (if at all) if you don't tell us which one extension are you talking about.

    If it's a "Start Page" kind of extension (it looks like that, judging from your description), then you should probably try this solution.

  • @pafflick said in Infinitytab extension doesn't work:

    so don't expect to receive help anytime soon (if at all) if you don't tell us which one extension are you talking about.

    Thanks for your info about 'a lot of Chrome extensions that don't work with Vivaldi',
    interesting to know this conflicts with information I read elsewhere. But all good.

    No, I didn't post a link to infinitytab as it came straight from Chrome store:
    I presumed people knew it. Maybe i missed the 'new'.

    Not sure why you're so upset, you said... [so don't expect to receive help anytime soon (if at all) if you don't tell us which one extension are you talking about.]
    I thought this was a forum to ask questions, not to be talked down to just because i'm a newbie here. [woah]

    But thank you for your link anyway.

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    @lefty777 said in Infinitytab extension doesn't work:

    Maybe i missed the 'new'.

    I changed the thread title now.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Thanks Gwen.

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    @lefty777 said in Infinitynewtab extension doesn't work:

    Not sure why you're so upset, you said...

    I was not upset, I was just informing you that you won't probably receive any help if you don't provide the necessary details. That's just how things work when somebody asks questions - if you don't tell us exactly what your problem is, how can we guess what the solution might be?

    As for the extension that you asked for, I've just checked in Vivaldi and it seems to work normally - I haven't tested all of its features, but I can confirm that I was able to launch it and I haven't experienced any issues while playing around with it for like 2 or 3 minutes...

  • Well, it works for me too. But for what it's worth I'm on snapshot. You just need to change your settings for this newtab extension to show up. Depending where you want to have access to it you can do one or all of the following:

    Set Homepage to "specific page" and input chrome://newtab
    Set "Startup with" to "Homepage"

    Set "New Tab Page" to chrome://newtab

  • I tried a couple of speed dial extensions (Speed dial 2 and FVD speeddial) and vivaldi://newtab works just fine in current 1.10 snapshot, no need to use chrome// 😉

  • @pafflick

    Okay, that's good. Perhaps it is how you worded things that got misconstrued.

    Interesting, not sure how you got it to work, I also got it working in another browser in seconds, but luck, very strange. I'm only using 4 other extensions and they shouldn't clash with it either.

    Must be something in the settings that is blocking it perhaps.

  • @iAN-CooG

    I also use FVD speed dial, but that is a constant monthly cost. If i knew how to export the files into html from FVD and use in Vivaldi I would.

  • @luetage

    Hi luetage, only seen your message, thank you.

    I followed your instructions, even using infinitynewtab as well, and neither works, what a shame.

  • Just to be clear, Vivaldi 1.9 had a "problem" when setting vivaldi://newtab, it has been corrected in current 1.10 snapshot. Which version do you have?


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