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    When you open that site, you'll land on the page where you are given a couple of language options. However, clicking on any of them does nothing. The links simply do not work in Vivaldi, but they work in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge.
    I even tried to completely remove Vivaldi from my computer and reinstall it without adding any extension, but those links simply do not work in Vivaldi. (I even tried it on my notebook).

    Is it a problem with the browser or is it some quirky site code that causes those links to fail in Vivaldi?

  • devtools console show

    Refused to execute script from '' because its MIME type ('image/gif') is not executable.

    when opening the page

    dropdown.js:615 Form Dropdown Error: Cannot call setValue(), dropdown has no option element with a value attribute of 1.

    when clicking on 1st selection.

    No idea what that means but that's either something they have to fix, or Vivaldi team should fix Vivaldi to allow it to work "anyway"

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    @Raven_Lord Please report the issue to Webmasters at, they should fix their portal and server.

  • I reported the problem to their website support. It seems that issue is now fixed.

    (Scratch the previous part) The issue still persists.


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