Docked Developer Tools – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.829.3

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    @ruario said:

    Our first Vivaldi 1.10 snapshot introduces a long requested feature, docked Developer Tools.

    Known issues

    • Developer Tools shortcuts are conflicting with Vivaldi ones when docked VB-27893
    • Switching themes inside Developer Tools causes it to crash: Developer Tools theme, not Vivaldi theme VB-27954


    • [New feature] Dock Developer Tools to main window (VB-2776)
    • [Linux] UI context menus do not show up on long touch (VB-17457)
    • [Mac] “Look Up” selection is offset when “Native Window” is enabled (VB-27792)
    • [Mac] Tap with three fingers is swallowed (VB-15570)
    • [Mac][Media] Improvements in resiliency (VB-23256)
    • [Mac][Quick Commands][IME] Unable to type/search two or more Japanese words (VB-19079)
    • [Regression] vivaldi://startpage does not work correctly as homepage (VB-27815)
    • [Extensions] Pop up windows from extensions in address bar sized incorrectly (VB-25663)
    • [Extensions] Vivaldi should respect the newtab extension override (VB-27785)
    • [Extensions][UI Zoom] Popup content not zoomed correctly (VB-27804)
    • [Address Field] Vivaldi-prefixed URLs incorrectly rank highest in autocomplete (VB-27678)
    • [Media] Renderer crashes, if I want to play sound on (VB-27469)
    • [Media] Turn on MSE (Media Source Extensions) handling of MP3 (VB-27381)
    • [Notes] Let “Insert Note” menu use sub menus (VB-27778)
    • [Spatial Navigation] Spatial Navigation skips links (VB-27061)
    • [Search Engines] Rename Yandex to Яндекс (VB-5176)
    • [Search field] Typed history doesn’t remove duplicates (VB-27673)
    • [Speed Dial] Dragging speed dial bookmarks might break Speed Dial (VB-14546)
    • [Speed Dial] Provide a Visual hint of pages for folders (VB-6192)
    • [Tabs] Stack indicator overlaps favicon & counter (VB-24205)
    • [Themes] “Fade foreground colours when out of focus” cannot be disabled/enabled second time you open settings (VB-19901)
    • [Web panels] Favicons are not transparent (VB-27726)
    • Pages not encoded in UTF-8 cannot be revisited, closed, etc. (VB-27708)
    • Added setting for focusing webview on new tab (VB-27034)


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