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  • With portable Firefox I can manually install Flash by extracting 2 files from the Flash Player setup executable and copying these files to a plugin folder.

    Can anyone check vivaldi://flash and post the location of the folder where Flash is installed?

  • @liyin said in Plugin Folder Location:


    also visible in help/about
    vivaldi://about C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer32_25_0_0_148.dll

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  • When I installed Flash Player got these two locations:


  • @liyin

    Yes, this is normal, albeit confusing. For historical reasons Windows stores its libraries in system32. On a 64-bit system, this means the system32 directory actually containes 64-bit binaries.
    The SysWOW64 (literally System-Windows[implicit:32]-On-Windows64) contains the 32-bit libraries on 64-bit Windows.

    So the file paths of 64 and 32bit flash versions is perfectly normal.

  • Checking because iAN GooG's location was different:


  • @liyin I'm on win7 32bit

  • Is it possible to place the flash files inside the Vivaldi folder (standalone installation)?

    Like the Widevine plugin folder: "1.9.818.44\WidevineCdm".

    • manifest.json
    • widevinecdm.dll
    • widevinecdmadapter.dll

    The Flash Player files include:

    • manifest.json
    • FlashUtil32_..._pepper.exe
    • FlashUtil32_..._pepper.dll
    • pepflashplayer32_....dll

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