Docked Developer Tools – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.829.3

  • With this snapshot, you can drag speed dial icons by holding the right mouse button.

    This can cause problem when performing mouse gestures on your speed dial page. Users can accidentally re-arrange their speed dial icons.

  • God Update
    Although I would like to see in the future the option of putting a personalized image on the main page and the synchronization of bookmarks and password.
    I have not used vivaldi since version 1.8 ~

  • Vivaldi Team

    @luetage: This is by design as docked devtools are tied to a tab and inspecting the UI is not.

  • [Notes] Let “Insert Note” menu use sub menus (VB-27778)

    Looks like Vivaldi has finally replaced Opera 12 as my default browser. 😉

  • @gt500: It looks like there's an issue with the blog comment system's markdown implementation. "Hurray!" was on a separate line, and I only used one inequality symbol (greater than) on the first line.

  • @TbGbe Indeed, that seems another reasonable hypothesis. However, we can all hypothesise til the cows come home, hence [again] i decided to ask [ie, in case of a stray passing Dev possibly then elucidating].

    With apols to all non-HHGTTG fans [to whom the following will be just a series of random characters], at the moment we are in what i might call the Vroomfondel & Majicthise phase, but we need the clock to advance to the DeepThought phase [albeit, that still didn't work out so well...]. 🙂

  • @pafflick Tis like trying to peek beyond the Event Horizon...

  • @andyraisbeck Across the journey of multiple OS installations of the past several years, somewhere along the line i lost my O12 installation file, but that was ok coz for a while it was still available in my distro's repos [or more accurately, i still have the O12 exe file, but given i abandoned Windoze for Linux in 2014, it doesn't help now]. However eventually, understandably, it also disappeared there. A couple of months ago, still nostalgic for it, i discovered i could still download the Deb file from the old Opera archives, so O12 is again on my Tower.

    That said, though i loved it dearly back in the day, each [not very often] time i fire it up nowadays, it kinda makes me sad. Its lack of compatibility these days, together with Our Amazing Vivaldi, means the gulf between O12 & what V has come to make me regard as my minimum browsing Must Haves, makes the once mighty O12 seem a pale shell now... which as i said, makes me sad.

    Even back in that day, i never actually used O12 for email, not once, didn't even try it [hooked on a dedicated email client pgm]. Just now, reading again of Pesala's ongoing warmth & need for O12's POP3 email, i thought i'd have a little look myself. Launched O12, went to menu & tried, twice, to create a new account [using one of my near-obsolete real email accounts, so that if some catastrophe occurred, it wouldn't much matter].

    Shock #1 -- the setup dialogue box would not use the clipboard, so RMB-paste, & Ctrl-V, won't work. Typing long complex userIDs & passwords manually is not pleasant.

    Shock #2 -- twice whilst trying the above, O12 crashed on me, thus i never actually got to the finish line.

    I'll keep patiently awaiting V M3 to discover what all the fuss is about re browser-based email. Vale O12, you had my heart.
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3.

    PS -- OhWow oh Wow OHWOW. In pasting my footer, above, from my Notes [first time in 1.10], i just discovered that finally Notes are hierarchical [folders]. I missed noticing that in the changelog. Yabberdabberdoooooo, thanks Devs!!

  • @alicevasg said in Docked Developer Tools – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.829.3:

    God Update

    Well, i'm a staunch atheist, yet i still get all updates... 👅

  • Hi. Testing the new history option, I think that you could add a kind of calendar to the browser, using the notes and the format with which it already comes. Thks

  • Moderator

    @pierod: It looks as though a (syncable) calendar is already planned at some point.

  • Bug: Can not open a folder that has a nickname for the quick command. ☺

  • Moderator

    @wladisha: Yes, the designers are working on SD, so this is probably one bug that was born with the new code.

  • @gt500: The last feature I need to completely migrate from Opera 12 (after using it for 20 years!!!) is the mail client.

  • Moderator

    @Orthodox: It's remarkably close to mature.

  • @JuniorSilva30
    it's broken since a couple of snapshots. but you can "fix it" with a new profile 😕

  • @rhstogus
    snapshots are for testing (but they are quite stable to use them for normal browsing).

  • Moderator

    @Wladisha said in Docked Developer Tools – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.829.3:

    Bug: double-click on speed dial background refuses to open menu for adding new SD link.

    When did this work? I can not remember. Maybe your described action was the real bug and fixed since some versions.

  • @ayespy: I am patient because it's worth waiting. Good things never come easy. 🙂

  • @Gwen-Dragon it worked before, now you have to double click on the background on the LAST row of the speed dial icons, I think I prefer it this way so it doesn't appear if I click by error around the screen 🙂


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