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  • Is anyone else losing the 'add selection to note' option? It's there in the context menu when I open Vivaldi but sooner or later ( often sooner) it disappears. Restart Vivaldi and it's back in the menu again. I don't remember this happening in the first version though I wouldn't swear on it. Win 8.1

  • When it "disappears", does it leave a blank line where it used to be, with the grey separator bar above and below? Or does the entire section disappear from the menu, bar(s) included? I've used it very little, but thus far I've not run into what you've described (on my Win7-64 installation).

  • @ Blackbird
    Yes it does, or did, I installed Adblock which appears above add to note and Adblock remains.The problem was there before Adblock was installed so I didn't mention it. It's not a big problem at present, a restart doesn't take long considering the sessions remain and I've not gone so far as to make Vivaldi my default browser. Not having seen it mentioned I wondered if it's unique to me.

  • I thought that option was missing from vivaldi, cause i never saw it in right click menu.
    I tried again when i saw this post, and ofc no option available.
    I restarted browser, and there it was, Add selection as new Note!
    So, i guess i have that bug too. As you can see, it happens pretty often, since until now i didn't even know it existed in first place.

    Btw, Notes are so much better then in O12, screenshot option and link to webpage are just simple awesome idea.

  • same here.
    a saw that option earlier, but when i needed it today i couldn't find it. and i was wandering where it's gone.

    Btw, Notes are so much better then in O12, screenshot option and link to webpage are just simple awesome idea.


  • It's a bit curious regarding what appears and disappears in Vivaldi, and certainly "why". I've not seen the note option disappear (yet), but after a while, my Vivaldi loses its ability to be closed via the upper-right-corner "X". It's unpredictable in how long it takes (or whether), it always still closes via the File > Exit menu path, and it always works anew after a restart. Taken together, all of these whispy kinds of problems imply there's still some significant instability down in the belly of the Vivaldi beast…

  • @ SomiKnight & user_unknown

    Thanks, it's not just me then, that's what I was keen to know. The ability to copy to note has been a really useful feature for me and to have it similar to Opera's Presto is a plus. I wasn't sure at first if I preferred Presto's double click on the note to take you to the webpage or Vivaldi's screenshot option but I think I'm being gradually won over.

  • @ Blackbird

    Me too with the 'X' close, again only occassionally, curious, as you say, but then I ain't too tech savvy anyway and quite content to watch these things being ironed out. I regularly close programmes by a right click on a taskbar icon so it's another problem that doesn't affect me too much and it is early days yet.


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