Sluggish when opening new windows/tabs, when resizing occurs, and when restarting after improper shut-downs

  • Hello, I'm a former Opera user, and I loved the browser before Opera chromium happened. The features I missed the most were the bookmarks and the infinite tab graveyard+sessions. I'm not sure Vivaldi's bookmarking system is all there yet (I dislike this panel business at least) but that's non-critical for now. Anyway, I have a few basic complaints, because I feel like there are some really basic things wrong that surely not everyone is experiencing.

    I use a Surface Pro 2, running Windows 10 (Pro), 8.00GB RAM, 64-bit OS. My antivirus is Avast Internet Security, and I run Malwarebytes Free version every few days (so no real-time scanning there). I have not yet updated to Vivaldi 1.9, the version I'm using is 1.8.770.54.

    OK, so (compared to Opera and Opera Chromium), Vivaldi is slow when opening up a new tab or window. It is also slow when I accidentally resize the window (it all freezes up a little) from some stupid touchpad/mouse gesture and when I subsequently re-maximize it. It is also incredibly slow at retrieving a window of multiple tabs from the Trash/tab graveyard. It is faster if I'm opening a saved session, however (but still not exactly snappy; it's at least as sluggish as opening a new window).

    Other issues that may be totally unrelated or might help someone figure out my situation: I can no longer see what extensions I have. I have a few things installed (including Fair Adblocker Premium as my adblock), but when I go Tools>Extensions, it opens up a tab to show my extensions for a second and then immediately closes it out. It even winds up in the Trash, but if I try to re-open it, it still doesn't stay open. Oh yeah, another annoying thing is that sometimes the address bar of various pages I'm on will just show "vivaldi://accessibility" (or something like that, maybe the : and / are in the wrong place) instead of the URL, which is very unhelpful. ALSO also, at one point there was a page that prompted Vivaldi to tell me that it was insecure and I might get a virus from it or whatever, so I clicked on "take me back to safety" or something like that and then it completely failed to reload my window full of tabs. I could not even see the browser as such, just white text on red background (the warning). (But I was able to open up another window and eventually managed to retire the other window, then open up the problematic tab in isolation, close it, then reopen the window full of tabs I actually wanted, except it took years because of the original issue I was posting about, so I had to exit vivaldi and restart it a few times before things started working right again.)

    Anyway, I will probably install 1.9 soon, so maybe all these issues will magically disappear, but maybe they won't... does any one else have these problems? Oh, I usually have a window with anywhere from 80-150 tabs open, but I use lazy-loading, so maybe only half are activated or whatever.

  • About Version says I'm running a 32-bit version. Is there a 64-bit version that I should have installed? (But it doesn't seem like it gives the option to pick that for Win10....)

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    @lepidoptery Direct Download link for 64-bit version

  • @Pesala
    thank you, pesala! Well, I am now updated to the latest and most appropriate version of vivaldi, but at least I am still totally unable to see the extensions thing. I do have some installed and they are working, and I can go directly to the chrome apps store and install extensions on vivaldi that way (or at least I have before) but I can't actually do the Tools>Extensions thing because the tab just closes immediately.

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    @lepidoptery said in Sluggish when opening new windows/tabs, when resizing occurs, and when restarting after improper shut-downs:

    when I go Tools>Extensions, it opens up a tab to show my extensions for a second and then immediately closes it out

    Try opening the internal Task Manager (Menu > Tools > Task Manager or [SHIFT] + [ESC] by default) and kill all extension's processes. Then you should be able to open the Extensions Page. Disable all of them and then re-enable one by one, closing and re-opening the Extensions Page each time to see which extension is causing the trouble. Once you find it, kill its process in the Task Manager, uninstall that extension and never use it again. 😉

  • @pafflick
    It worked, thanks! 🙂


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