Vivaldi Button mode vs Horizontal Menu mode

  • Please change the Horizontal Menu behavior to behave like the Vivaldi Button.

    When the menu is in Vivaldi Button mode, we don't have to click on every menu, just hovering over the options automatically opens up the sub-menu dropdown, which i argue is compelling.
    The Horizontal Menu mode makes user click multiple time just to access the contents of the menu.

    PS: Videos is worth more that thousand words.

    Vivaldi Button mode:

    Horizontal Menu mode:

  • @pmag It's a long-standing bug, but it affects only a few users and is not hard to work around.

    I would ask "What advantage is there to using the Button menu?" For keyboard users, the access keys work just as well as on the Menu bar. For mouse users the button menu works better. The Browser menu bar only wastes space. Other browser don't show it unless the user presses the Alt key.

  • I think the menu behaviour is the behaviour of usual windows menus.

  • @Tokoloko It's not. Most applications will let you navigate easily between menus with the mouse or keyboard. The Vivaldi Browser menu bar is a bit awkward to use like this. After using Alt + F to pull down the file menu you can use Alt + E to bring down the Edit menu, but you cannot just use the Right Cursor key. It is usable, but it could be better.

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