Right Click on Address Bar BUG Introduced in v1.9.818.44

  • When left clicking on the address bar twice (which brings the cursor to the END of the URL text) and then right clicking on the bar (so that you can paste text as a suffix) the whole line gets highlighted. The old behavior allowed text to be pasted at the END of the existing line (or where ever you placed the cursor). The new update completely kills this ability; you can now longer "Paste and go" in the address bar, in order to modify an existing URL; it will complete erase the existing text and "Paste and go" with only the pasted text.

  • confirmed, for now you can go settings/address bar and uncheck "select on click", please report it at vivaldi.com/bugreport

  • @iAN-CooG Thank you for your confirmation! I will report it. Thanks again!

  • try the new 1.10.845.3 snapshot, there were fixes about it.


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