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  • Looking at the password option in Vivaldi 1.8 I was highly surprised to see (in french) "Accédez à vos mots de passe depuis n'importe quel appareil à l'adresse ." ie "Access your passwords from any device using". Does this mean (and I do not know how) that Vivaldi stored passwords are stored in some google place too ?

    Thanks for your answer since I do not use Lastpass and others to prevent my passwords being stored in the cloud.

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    @jbrat said in Password storage question:

    Looking at the password option in Vivaldi 1.8...

    What password option, where? Where are you seeing this?

  • @Ayespy Hi, searching password related posts, I found a link in this forum "vivaldi://settings/passwords"

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    @Ayespy The only time that you might see this in Vivaldi is if you accidentally hit the Chrome/Chromium underpinnings with


    @jbrat Rest assured that Vivaldi has no desire to store or send or anything into Google-land. Even if you were using Chrome, it wouldn't store its data centrally either unless you actually configured Chrome to "sign in" with your Google account.

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    @jbrat Ah. As mentioned by xyzzy, the actual shortcut is chrome://settings/passwords (though "chrome" is changed to "vivaldi" in your address bar when you arrive at the page.)

    No, the setting to store your passwords with Google is not valid and does not work in Vivaldi. Vivaldi is working on its own sync option, which WILL provide users the choice to store passwords remotely (on Vivaldi servers) so that they can recover them on different devices or in case of a system failure. But obviously no one will have to use the option if they don't wish. Different users have differing security requirements and, in any case, Vivaldi will not have access to user passwords even on their own servers. They will be encrypted so that only the user with their own password will be able to access them.

  • Thanks.

    Having a master password would be a nice feature.

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    @jbrat said in Password storage question:

    master password would be a nice feature

    Is on list, but currently not with high prio as all passwords are store encrypted and keys bound to user's Windows UserID.

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    !!! Do not use any Google account for trying to synchronize passwords or settings, you will crap Vivaldi data! !!!


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