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  • Can you add a Chromecast button on the toolbar ? Right now, i can't cast Spotify Web Player because it doesn't allow right-click. For cast Spotify, i need to go to a website (Youtube for example), cast the page than go to Spotify Web Player, click the play button and the music play on the chromecast.

  • Moderator

    There's a workaround:

    If any site (like the Spotify Web Player) "prevents" you from right-clicking (opening the native browser's context menu), you can override this temporarily by opening the Developer Tools (Menu > Tools > Developer Tools or [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[I] by default), going to the Event Listeners tab and removing all sub-items of the contextmenu event listener:


    This way you'll be able to open the native browser's context menu anywhere on the page and select "Cast" from there if you wish.
    If you refresh the page, you'll have to repeat above actions in order to be able to open context menus on that website.


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