"Open popup as tabs" not available anymore in 1.9 stable

  • "Open popup as tabs" is not available anymore in 1.9 stable and in previous RC snapshots, Settings/Appereance/Open popups in tab has disappeared again. Probably not considered mature enough, go figures.
    I had it unckecked in previous snapshot just for testing, and now I can't recheck it again to have popups in tabs.
    I've reported it and gave a suggestion to devs, as VB-27848

    Expected behaviour:
    If the setting has to disappear again because the popup windows are not considered yet usable, the normal behaviour of popups in tabs only should be active, or said in the other way, no popup window should be used.
    Actual behaviour:
    popup windows are used, and no way to re enable popups as tabs

    If anyone is in my own situation and wants to bring back the popups in tabs, I managed to fix this myself editing
    C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\1.9.818.44\resources\vivaldi\bundle.js
    you need either an hexeditor or a text editor able to edit and reformat+reminify js code (Notepad++ and JSToolNpp plugin will do the trick)


    change to


    if you're using an hexeditor just fill with spaces between the '1' and the ')'

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    In a pinch, and if changing this setting is really a must for someone, You could go to vivaldi://inspect#apps and click on the first/top inspect link. Then open the developer tools "Console" tab and enter:

    chrome.storage.local.set({'SHOW_POPUPS_IN_TABS': true});

    It's a bit technical for most people, but certainly no more technical than hex-editing bundle.js

  • @Ayespy That did the trick, applied, closed vivaldi, restored the original bundle.js and popups as tabs now work.

  • the setting it's back again in 1.10 snapshot 🙂


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