Redirecting Downloads (Vivaldi 1.0 / Win XP)

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    It seems a little ridiculous to me that Vivaldi doesn't allow the user to select whatever download location they want for a given item. My C drive is a working minimum size. A couple of movies going there by default would soon grab all the free space.

    Today I downloaded and installed Vivaldi for the first time on this machine and forgot to uncheck "Save to default location". The download went to my C drive. Rather than let it complete and then move it, I stopped the download. I went to Settings and unchecked the default directive, checking instead Open Download Panel Automatically.

    I tried the download again.

    It wouldn't allow me the option of redirecting it, even using the Save As option and again downloaded to the original default location.

    Looks as if I need to clear out the cookies, fair enough but what Vivaldi really needs is what every other browser I've used has: An option to define the default location, yes, but also an option to save to the location of my choice, what and others Firefox call "Always Ask Me Where To Save Files".

    And I'm amazed this basic option isn't available. Hasn't it been before?

    BTW, I'm still using XP so the latest Vivaldi won't install; I'm using Vivaldi.1.0.344.37 which seems to be the newest version that works for me.

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    Newer 1.9 Stable Vivaldi has this already.

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Redirecting Downloads (Vivaldi 1.0 / Win XP):

    Newer 1.9 Stable Vivaldi has this already.

    Unfortunately, that is not supported on Win XP.

    @nohshow I believe the last version for XP was

    (no idea if it will solve your problem though).


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