[SOLVED] Can not log into my Nextcloud server anymore

  • Hello,
    I've just updated to Vivaldi 1.9 (1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (64-bit)) on my Windows 10 computer. Now I can not login to my Nextcloud server (on my local network, self signed certificate) anymore. First I get the warning message about connection not being private:


    I then click on Advanced -> Proceed to ... and I get the login screen but the "Log in" is inactive:


    I did check for certificates and my local CA authority is present:


    In version 1.8 of Vivaldi this was working without problems - I even did not get the warning about the connection not being private. I also try this on the snapshot version of Vivaldi (1.9.818.29 (Official Build) (32-bit)) and it also works as expected. The same goes for Firefox and Edge - all working fine.

    Anybody has any ideas how to solve this annoyance?

  • Hmm, I did some Clear Private Date (Cache, Cookies, Applications Cache) and now it's working again :laughing: This did not happen with previous updates?! :confused:

    Sorry for disturbance!

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